26 October 2014

Time to say good bye

Time to say goodbye

I hope that after my last post you didn't get high expectations about the surprise I had prepared for today, because you're probably not going to like it but... I quit blogging.

Even though "the end of blogging" seems like a TrendTopic nowadays, you an imagine it is a decision I've been considering for some time and finally, a few months ago, I realised it was exactly what I needed to do. Let me feel like a doll is a project I started more than 5 years ago, it might seem like a short time but a lot has happened since then. In those days I had just turned 18 and it is not a time from which I keep many good memories, but thanks to the blog I managed to get some selfsteem and learnt to value the important things. I don't really remember anymore what my ideas were when I started blogging, but there's one thing I know for sure: It was fun and enriching most of the time I did.

Thanks to blogging I've had many great experiences:

It does all sound so good that these are precisely some of the reasons that made me feel like it was worth to keep blogging but, in the end, one starts to think and wonders "What is that I want to do when I finish studying?" and the answer has nothing to do with going alone to a park or lonely street to take some pictures with my tripod and remote control.

The blogosphere has evolved a lot since 2009 and I consider myself an old school blogger. I haven't adapted to the new times and I've evolved in a different way than most of my followers. It's obvious that I am not the same person I was back at the beginning of this, I don't have the same motivations nor the same worries anymore and, even though I've always loved and always will to put on my outfits and take pictures for posterity, now I have other more important priorities to work on my profesional future in the industry I've always wanted to be a part of.

Who knows? Maybe some months from know I come back to the blogosphere with a completely different and renewed project, but for now, we cannot guess anything, I can only hope that you appreciate that I've dedicated a few days (it's been harder than you can imagine) to write this post to say goodbye to my days as a blogger and to all of you, especially the ones that have read my previous post and spent a minute to share some of your feelings about these years, I must say that you've only made this whole farewell thing even harder.

And, even though I quit Let me feel like a doll, we can still keep in touch through:

Instagram | personal Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest | feelikeadoll@gmail.com

Finally, I want to thank everybody that have helped at any point during these 5 years and a half, wether it's been chosing a name for the blog, offering to take pictures, listening to my doubts and dilemmas, supporting my decision of shutting it down and, especially, THANKS to those that have read and looked forward to each and every one of my updates.

It's been a real pleasure to share this 5 years of my life with all of you!!!


Espero que tras mi último post no os hayáis hecho muchas ilusiones sobre la sorpresa que tenía preparada para hoy, porqué seguramente no os vaya a gustar mucho pero... dejo el blog.

Aunque últimamente el "fin de los blogs" parezca TrendTopic, os podréis imaginar que es una decisión que llevo sopesando desde hace bastante tiempo y al final, hace unos meses, me dí cuenta de que es lo que necesitaba hacer. Let me feel like a doll es un proyecto que empecé hace más de 5 años, una cifra que se dice rápido, pero que es mucho tiempo. En esa época tenía 18 años recién cumplidos y no es una etapa de la que tenga muy buenos recuerdos, pero digamos que gracias al blog conseguí ganar algo de autoestima y aprendí a valorar las cosas importantes. Ahora ya no recuerdo muy bien cuáles fueron mis intenciones en ese preciso instante, pero una cosa tengo clara: durante gran parte de estos años ha sido muy divertido y enriquecedor.

Gracias a tener un blog me han pasado cosas geniales:

Suena todo tan bien que estas son precisamente muchas de las razones por las que sentía que valía la pena seguir con esto, pero al final una se pone a pensar y se pregunta a sí misma "Qué es lo que quiero hacer cuando acabe la carrera?" y la respuesta no tiene nada que ver con ir yo sola a algún parque o calle tranquila a sacarme fotos con mi trípode y mi mando a distancia.

La blogosfera ha evolucionado mucho desde 2009 y yo me considero una blogger de la vieja escuela. No me he sabido adaptar a los nuevos tiempos y he evolucionado en una dirección distinta a la de la mayoría de mis seguidores. Está claro que ya no soy la misma persona que al principio de esto, ya no tengo las mismas motivaciones ni las mismas preocupaciones y, aunque siempre me ha gustado y siempre me gustará ponerme mis modelitos y sacar fotos para la posteridad, ahora tengo otras prioridades más importantes de cara a labrarme un futuro profesional en el sector en el que siempre he querido formar parte.

¿Quién sabe? Quizás en un tiempo vuelvo a la blogosfera con un proyecto completamente distinto y renovado, pero eso no lo sabéis ni vosotros ni yo, ahora sólo puedo esperar que aprecieis que haya dedicado unos cuantos días (ha sido más difícil de lo que os imaginais) a desarrollar esta entrada para despedirme de mis días de blogger y de vosotros/as, sobretodo los que habéis leído mi anterior post y habéis dedicado un minuto a compartir vuestros sentimientos sobre estos años, porqué tenéis que saber que sólo habéis conseguido hacer la despedida aún más difícil de lo que ya estaba siendo.

Y, aunque deje el Let me feel like a doll, aún podemos mantener el contacto a través de:

Instagram | Facebook personal | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest | feelikeadoll@gmail.com

Aprovecho para dar las gracias a todos los que me habéis ayudado en algún momento de estos 5 años y medio, ya sea escogiendo el nombre del blog, ofreciendoos a hacerme fotos o haciendolas a regañadientes, a los que habéis aguantado mis dudas y dilemas, los que habéis apoyado la decisión de cerrarlo y, sobretodo, GRACIAS a los que habéis leído y esperado con ganas todas y cada una de mis publicaciones.

Ha sido un placer compartir estos 5 años con todos/as vosotros/as!!!

13 October 2014

5 years and a half

Floral crowns

This year, for the first time, I totally missed the birthday of Let me feel like a doll. I've been sharing my life with you all through my computer for 5 years and a half, I don't know of many of you have seen the first pics I'm posting today (just like the one on top! I look so tender and young) but I wanted to do a round-up of all those pics that I consider iconic of these 5 years and a half and that, even though it's been a long time, I still like, wether it is for how faithful to myself I've been through my style, that doesn't mean I would wear those clothes again, or the quality I could achieve in them even though I didn't know much about photography back then.

This post is the prelude of a very important surprise I have prepared for the next one, so, while you stay tunned to see what it's about, enjoy these pics and if you were already around here when I first posted them don't stay quiet!

06 October 2014

Best streetstyle of the past fashion month

There are a few things that as a fashion desifn student I feel the obligation to do during the month that last the 4 most important fashion weeks in fashion industry, one of them is follow the shows but there's another one I sometimes enjou even more that's the streetstyle pictures of all those days. Even though fashion in shows is very interesting, I always like to see how those people, some anon and others I've been following for a while, not only combine the pieces from the fashion shows 6 months earlier (or the day before if it's Moschino) but, also, how they have such great looks when some of them go from fashion week to fashion week and dress the whole month from a suitcase.

This time, I was so surprised when I saw that the NYFW pictures at Vogue US were way worse than the ones in Vogue Spain, but at the time that I realised the photographer was Josefina Andrés I understood everything. Josegina is a Valencian photographer that happens to be part of a Facebook community in which I am part too, but it wasn't until Cynthia Bagué interviewed her at Somewhear that I discovered her magnificent work. Hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed gathering them, if you want to see more head over to my Tumblr!

26 September 2014

Wandering around Paris

Wandering around Paris

The other trip I did this summer was to Paris. I must say that, even though it is a wonderful city that I've always loved, we didn't come back as happy as we did with Sicily. It was also another kind of trip, we went on our own and we wanted to do things and a bit of sightseeing.

We stayed at a small but beautiful studio we found on AirBnb by the Canal Saint Martin, and I must say that the night atmosphere by the canal was great! We discovered some great restaurants: an indian called Marcel and a bistro called Le Marine where we ate a delicious steak tartar. I had already been to most of the touristy places in the French capital on previous ocasions, we anyway repeated a few places like Notre Dame and the Louvre, and visited some other we hadn't seen like the Versailles palace, the Sainte Chapelle and Shakespeare & Co, the bookshop in "Before sunset" by Richard Linklater. We also did some geek sightseeing, went window-shopping in le Marais and went to a magnificent fashion exhibition from The 50s in which I could appreciate from a very close distance brilliant creations from Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, Balenciaga and Balmain.

22 September 2014

La Sicilia è bellissima

La Sicilia è bellissima

Finally I could chatch up with all the pictures of my summer. Today it's about the week I spent in Sicily in August with the best hosts ever: Antonio and Giuliana, their respective and their group of friends that treated us more than great. We wanted to relax a little bit so we had a good balance between beach and sightseeing. We had never been to Sicily before, nor the south of Italy, but we were pleasantly surprised by how similar Italians are to us Spanish, not to talk how cheap everything was and how delicious the food was!

We spent the whole week in Catania and moved mostly around the coast up north of the city which were vulcano rock beaches created by the Etna, we visited the castle in Aci Castello and had the best granita of Catania in Acitrezza. One evenning we went to Taormina to have pizza for dinner, it was, for me, the most beautiful place we visited! Even though we couldn't visit the greek theater because there was a concert that day. We also went to the south of the island to visit Noto and swim at Cala Mosche at the Vendicari Nature Reserve. The last night we went to the Etna to observe the stars and see Catania from the height. We did love and enjoy the island so much we're already planning to go again next year, is somebody renting us a house?